Become a Member Driver

Become a Member Driver

Become a New Member Driver. By becoming a member driver you will part of our delivery TEAM. 

DRIVERS EARN 40% percent COMMISSION on all deliveries.

Delivery Drivers can earn up-to $500 per day...depending on many deliveries he or she is able to do in a day. You can work 1 hour or up to a maximum of 10 hours per day. The hours you work will depend on many deliveries we assign you. 

(NOTE: as long as your cell phone is on and your app online status is active, means you are ready to receive a pickup and deliver order. Once we send you a pickup order we need you to accept the delivery by tapping on the "ACCEPT BUTTON"

Once you choose to " ACCEPT THIS ORDER" you must proceed to your pickup and then to your delivery point. Once delivered you must send a confirmation of delivery by clicking the the

Hours you work are totally at your discretion. Once you turn on your App Locator on your Cell Phone and your online Status will be turned on, you will be available to for us to forward you delivery and pickups.

To whom and how we assign delivery and pickups is totally left to the discretion of ZIPPY FOX DELIVERY SERVICE. Our logistical teams will assign the delivery and pickup points to the drivers closest to the clients. We determine solely which drivers will pickup and deliver to clients that have requested and paid for our service.